Subway Chinglish

Line 2 seems to have several new public service announcements from the “Urban Mass Transportation Branch Shanghai Public Security Bureau.” This is the second good Chinglish sign from them. I’m expecting to find some more.

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  1. aha,Emily,u are really thoughtful!
    i also hope Chinglish would diminish at least in shanghai.Thanks for ur work!

    Besides, i would try to write my blog in chinese and english.Thanks for ur suggestion.Hope u won’t find any Chinglish there:)

  2. hey EMily,nice to know your interesting blog. I have linked your blog and will take more time to enjoy the content.
    btw,my name should be raymond Gao in your links.

  3. hi emily,

    i have seen this too, and actually more than that, it’s funny huh, we have enough english speakers there why dont they hire someone check it before publicize in front of mass media… i’d like to help, how would think we can help?

  4. That’s just it – there are SO many people that speak English so well! A small mistake is no big deal, but these signs….

    I think they have actually taken them down though. On Sunday I noticed that almost every spot was empty and I did not see a single sign. They could have been embarrassed by it.

  5. there are signs like this in Hong Kong. its kinda funny cos like generally even bus drivers speack at least some english

  6. i live in Hong Kong and for years there has been a sign in my school bus (which has changed a number of times) which sais ‘please keep the bus cleaning-thank you’
    i though that was quite funny

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