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Pat is a Vortec (hoist division of Daktronics) that was here for about 2 weeks. Sunday we went to the fabric market, the pearl market, Yuyuan Garden and the Bund together. Pat so kindly took a few photos for the SDSU article for us.

This was taken from a restaurant looking at the more popular side of the Bund. Usually photos include the Pearl TV Tower, which is on the side I was taking the photo on.

We saw two ships collide while we were eating! They started blowing their horns at each other and it looked like they were going to pass each other closely but be OK. One barge caught on the other and was totally spun around. We noticed that none of the boats have headlights – maybe that is part of the problem.

3 Responses to Tourist stuff

  1. The pictures look very nice!
    you look the same as you were 6years ago(^-^)

  2. wonderful picture and nice article.

    I really love ur speech as well as ur article.

    I would come here more frequently!Cheers!

  3. Hey Emily, I love this shot!! Shanghai’s skyline is so tempting… feels like I was in abroad…have a nice day! hope to see you in your new dress on sep 21st:-)

    Joy (TMC)

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