The 2nd failed trip to Australia…

I don’t think I wrote about the first failed trip. About 2 weeks ago, a Dak sales guy wanted us to come to Sydney to take photos so we could create a proposal for a potentially HUGE client. Abram and I jumped on a plane the next day. And then we sat on the plane for 3 hours. We did finally take off, only to be turned around 45 minutes into the flight. We couldn’t get on any other flights so that was the end of the trip there.

So, it was planned that I would go this Wednesday. My flight was supposed to leave at 6:00 PM. Then… after hearing it was delayed for a few hours (no takeoff time given) a notice was put it. It was a fill-in-the-blank notice, which was pretty funny. The main part was that flight CA 177 will be delayed due to mechanical issues. We sat at the airport for hours. Time went pretty quickly because I met a girl from NY, Kelly, who had been visiting friends in Shanghai and was next visiting friends in Australia. It was pretty cool – she told me about how she had went to school for Journalism and now wrote for blogs… (sound familiar?) and the things we had in common just went on and on.

Then, the airline said we had to go to a hotel. I would have rather stayed in my own bed, but you had to stay at the hotel so they could wake us up and bus us to the airport when the plane was fixed. We were taken to a Super Motel 168. No joke. It is a rip-off of Super 8 and Motel 6!!! We had to share rooms so Kelly and I were roommies for a night.

One of the funny things about China is all of the incorrect English translations. I’ve started taking photos. There is a book called Chinglish that has been published – maybe I’ll do a Chinglish II. The following are from the hotel flyers.

Breakfast, Bar Coffee & Tea and Snake. For when you are just a little hungry…. (we haven’t had snake yet. I’m sure we’ll come across it sometime though.)

Thanks for all of the warnings. The 5th from the bottom is by far the best.

Follow no strangers to the fun places. What fun places would those be? And if the person isn’t a stranger, can I go to the fun places? :-)

For more great laughs, go to Some of the best are in the adult section. Look for the toddler with a pacifier and a shirt with the f-word. Seriously.

We put on something to sleep in (I was lucky because I did just carry-on so I had everything) and turned around to discover we both had pink pants and a black tank top. Too weird.

We were woken up at 6:30 AM and hustled onto a bus, taken to the airport, and then we waited some more!! At this point we discovered yet another coincidence – she was in seat 23K and I was in 24K. Crazy.

At about 10 AM they started loading the plane, but a bunch of people were furious because they were only giving 500 RMB ($65) for our inconvenience. Then they were claiming that the plane wasn’t safe because they hadn’t test-flown it yet. At this point I gave up. I’d totally missed my meeting and would have had about a day there and it just wasn’t worth it, especially if the plane really was unsafe. I took the payout and left. Kelly later told me that the plane didn’t leave until 1 PM.

I don’t think I’ll be trying to go again anytime soon. At least not if I don’t have 2 or 3 days down there before any meetings!

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  1. This is a great recap — I’ll be sharing with my family and friends since I have not had a chance to write it up yet. I forgot to tell you that someone else wound up sitting in 24K and he was very tall and kept pushing into my seat. I so wished it had been you :) but it was totally the right decision not to go. So glad we got to meet because of it…Kelly

  2. What a crazy story!!??! I can’t believe it happened twice when u tried to go to Australia… but at least something good came out of it; -u made a new friend :)

    Your job (travelling to Australia to take photos for a client) sounds like a dream to me!! Luuuuucky, talented you!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Yes, making a friend was great! She even had a friend that moved to Shanghai who became a friend of mine now. Small world!

    That’s not really my job – just one time it would have been. Traveling the world taking photos would definitely be my dream job!!

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