Saturday Outing

After our bedroom furniture was delivered, we went to the Fabric Market. It’s four floors of hundreds of small shops that custom tailor anything you’d like. Here Jon got 3 shirts, for 125 yuan each. He also had a summer suit made and I had a traditional Chinese-style shirt made. We also got a duvet cover. We pick them up next Saturday.

Next we went to People’s Square to check out the new LED display that a competitor put in. It is really horrible. The color is very bad, the modules all need to be calibrated, and their control system can’t control the whole thing. BUT – it’s cheap. Jon is texting Dan about the display here. The building in the background has terrible feng shui, and we heard that it’s had many deaths and suicides!

Soon we got caught in a downpour! This is right after it. We went to Haagen-Dais to enjoy some ice cream while we waited for it to let up. People’s Square is the Times Square of Shanghai. Many things are still neon so there’s a huge market for LED displays.

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  1. Emily,nice to meet you!
    Welcome to Shanghai, and i am Chinese!
    “terrible feng shui?” aha, a funy combination.

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