I discovered I can just email posts to my blog. However, it doesn’t support photos. I may be able to get around that using Photobucket. We’ll see.

Yesterday I went to a Toastmaster’s meeting. It was near People’s Square. I was the only American. There is a guy named Warwick from London that started the club – I think we are the only native English speakers. I met Beate, a German lady, who just happens to have friends in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. AND – she’s actually been to SF to visit. It is such a small world!!!! Most of the other people are Chinese, but I think there are a couple more expats. The meetings are all in English though. Everyone was super-friendly and excited to be there. It seems like a very good group of people and they also get together informally fairly often from what I know so far. The President of the club, Lucy, and several other officers expressed how excited they were to have me and how much I could help everyone with all of my knowledge.

It’s hard to know how sincere compliments are. “Face” is very important here, and sometimes I think they are trying to give me face by saying that. Almost daily I get told how beautiful I am. How are you supposed to respond to that? I certainly don’t think that I’m any more than average. And I’m definitely much fatter than all of the girls in the office!! (OK, actually than the vast majority of Asian women.) The sales girls told me that I am thinner than when I was there in January. They also told Jon he has gotten fatter. That is pretty brutal honesty!

A couple days ago we bought the 3rd season of LOST. The show got over about 2 weeks ago, and the DVDs aren’t going to be released until December 11th. The piracy is so bad here. All of their videos have Chinese subtitles and sometimes it’s bit difficult to navigate through menus in Chinese, but I’ve been able to figure it out so far. The remote also being labeled in Chinese does complicate things though. :-) LOST is certainly not the High-Def quality as the show is though. We may just buy it at home too, since we have the 1st and 2nd season boxed sets already.

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  1. we really want you be one of us.:)

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