We’re here!

I’m surprised I can get onto this site! Everything is in Chinese, but I am familiar enough with the menus that I think I can get by. The other night I tried to show Sally and Lisa my blog and it wouldn’t load, so I’m not sure if this is a fluke or not.

Jon, Boots and I arrived in Shanghai Thursday afternoon. The rules on importing pets have changed, so we had to leave Boots with customs at the airport. We had to pay 2000 yuan ($250) to have her quarentined for 7 days. The girls there were really nice – we hope that she’s OK. They showed us photos of the brand-new facility and the food she’d be given. It didn’t have wheat guten (the recalled stuff) so it should be OK. We feel guility just leaving her but there really wasn’t anything we could do.

Friday we spent a few hours shopping at IKEA for dishes, pots, pans, garbage cans, and the numerous items you need for a home. Hanna and Henrik, you’ll be happy to know that IKEA is the same here as everywhere else, including the fact that it has a Swedish food store. The thing that would probably shock the Swedes is that smoking is allowed in the cafe though.

Yesterday our table and chairs were delivered. It’s really nice and in the Chinese restaurant style, meaning it is round and has a lazy susan on top. The food is put there and people spin it until they get what they want. Every dish is typically shared.

We ordered our office and master bedroom furniture yesterday. It’s not going to be here until the 23rd though. That’s a bit disappointing. Those rooms are pretty bare.

We’re settling in quite well. We just wish Boots was here too! We’ve spent a lot of time cleaning and putting things away. It’s amazing to look out the windows and constantly have a birds-eye view of the city.

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