Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas this week for training. Monday I’m training in the office here with a keyframe account manager, which will be my job in Shanghai. I had Sunday evening to check things out a bit. I have a lot of photos of signs… kinda sad. I also stuck the $5 Curns gave me in a slot machine. He won’t $5 right away but then lost it all. :-) That’s probably the extent of my gambling here. I cannot believe how many slot machines there are, and how extragavant the hotels are. All from gambling… seems so strange to me! I can’t stand sticking my money in a stupid machine that doesn’t give it back!

Fountain in front of the Paris hotel/casino.

The Effiel tower and some video boards (not ours.) They look pretty bad close up.

Sony PSP board (top right) which is ours. It happened to be frozen so I had Dave restart the sign service. I like the light spilling onto the sidewalk here, but the photo isn’t that great.

Anyone else see the irony here?

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