More about Shanghai living…

Here are some photos of our apartment! Jon has slept there 2 nights now and we also have the landline phone number. I will email it to anyone who asks.
It is Jon’s birthday now there – not quite yet here. They didn’t have Daylight Savings Time yet, so we are now only 13 hours apart instead of 14.
The guest bedroom overlooks the pool and faces the other building in our complex.

The dining/living room, entrance is on the left and you can see the kitchen door is open.

The next 3 photos are the view from the balcony, looking to the right side, then middle, then to the left.

2 Responses to More about Shanghai living…

  1. Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos…how do you say happy birthday in Chinese? Hope all is well, Minors. I’ve now realized when your phones don’t ring it means you’re not in the western hemisphere. Holler back when you can.

    Pete, Sara

  2. 生日快樂﹗(happy birthday in Chinese; shengri kuaile)
    and nice staying in Shanghai..
    I´m also moving near in a couple of months:)

    greetings from Slovenia*

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