Stupid cars!

Today wasn’t a good day.

Last night we picked up Bill Nuttall with FuelCast at the airport and went to supper. That was great, the food was awesome and we love chatting with Bill. This morning we were going to pick up Bill and take him to Daktronics with us.

The car didn’t start. (This is our “good” car.) Yesterday it had died too, so obviously there was something wrong. I called another guy from Keyframe that commutes and they picked up Bill. Jon and I tried to figure out what to do. The dead car blocked in the Oldsmobile (car I’ve been driving since I was 14). This car is not winter-worthy. It has a CV boot out, all struts are shot and it doesn’t start after a couple hours outside in the cold. The Taurus (car Jon’s had since high school) also blocked in the Oldsmobile. The Taurus is buried under a huge pile of snow in the driveway. It has an electrical leak and no insurance, so it never moves.

We decided we’d have to work from home, and have the Taurus towed. Jon thought he should try to start it one more time before calling the tow truck, and miraciously it started. We drove it to the shop. Later they called us and said we’ll just tell you everything we found wrong and you can tell us which things to fix now.

The main thing we fixed was the intake gasket. Apparently it leaked and coolant was leaking into our transmission. This and new spark plugs cost $767.

Things that really need to be fixed – loose wheel bearing (apparently your wheel will fall off if it’s not fixed), axle seal, transmission solinoid (which has something to do with pressure in the transmission and they said it needs to be fixed ASAP.) The battery doesn’t handle a load test well either, and they have a list of 8 other maintenance things we should do. (2 of them we get done free at the place we bought our tires.) The total for all of these additional needed repairs and maintanence (minus the tire stuff) is $1396.


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Anyway, we have never had to do repairs on this car before so actually are pretty lucky. Just had to get the complaining out of my system.

A good thing about today – since we worked from home I took a few cute photos of Boots lying in the sun. Our living room picture window faces south, so it is really sunny and warm in the morning and afternoon.

(Jon took this one.)

How can cats curl up in such tight balls? I would love to be able to lounge around all day, napping in the sun. Sounds like a very leisurely life.

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