Sunday – Traveling back home

This morning we slept in and then packed up all of our stuff. Trying to fit your dirty clothes back into the suitcase, along with the stuff you picked up, is never fun. :-(

The photo is the view from our hotel. It’s pretty average – lots of cranes in the background, a lot that’s just been leveled for new construction, and a haze hanging over everything. Dan said that it is clear only when it is really windy.

We went over to Dan and Sai’s apartment so Jon could leave his big suitcase and borrow a smaller one to take to Beijing. Chris Westerman had gotten in the night before and joined us for lunch, along with Ning, Lisa and Sally. We went to California 101 again and it was delicious again. I only ate sushi and dessert. Sai got the manager to make a platter of hairy crabs for us, which is a Shanghai special. They are only available during one season. Click here for how to eat a hairy crab.

At about 2:30, Jon and I got in separate cabs. He headed to the smaller airport to go to Beijing, and I went to Pudong for my flight home. I left at 5 pm in Shanghai and got to Chicago about 6 PM CST. Chicago was getting a touch of snow, so of course O’Hara was a nightmare. Flights canceled left and right, tons of delays, etc. Fortunately my flight wasn’t canceled, so I did manage to make it home at midnight. I saw some people totally freak out at the airline people cause their plane left without them.

The jet lag has been brutal, especially since I got in so late. When I tried to go to bed at 1 AM, my body thought it was 3 PM so I couldn’t fall asleep. The lack of sleep and 14 hour time change about killed me the next day. I actually fell asleep standing over my computer. I had to go to work as Dave was out so there would be not enough people to do schedules if I’d stayed home.

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