This morning the China sales team had a meeting. Angel and Zhou Lin Lin, two saleswomen based in Beijing, were here for it. Jon was at the office all day.

I had to have a computer guy here at the hotel come up and help get the internet working. You’d think a former EIS person could do it, but he had to reset the username and password for the room. I got most of my Dak email and was able to update my blog.

Sai and I went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch and had sushi. She had to get her repaired IPod and showed me a huge electronics store. Best Buy was nearby but we didn’t go there.

It was Zhou Lin Lin’s birthday and Dan promised to take her out for supper, so we all went to a Chinese place. They like really hot food so ordered quite a bit of that. It was pretty funny watching them eat the chili peppers and get all red. I did try some spicy stuff but didn’t really like it. They ordered plenty of non-spicy dishes for me though.

The restaurant looked out over about 12 LED boards made by Samsung (I think.) The Dak people grumbled the whole meal about how bad they looked and how hard it was to compete in China because price is so important. Millions of dollars in projects are going up right now and we don’t have the sales force to even find out about all of the projects. Hopefully that will change soon.

Dan also had promised Zhou Lin Lin a spa night. We went to the Spa de Regent again, but this time all of the girls had facials and just Jon had a massage.

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