Perhaps last post for a while…

We aren’t sure just how much internet access we’ll have in Shanghai. The Dak office is still crippled with no internet from the earthquake in Tawian. We’ll see when we get there.

Our plan was late in taking off in Sioux Falls because of weather delays in Chicago. (it was drizzling a bit.) Typical of Chicago – nothing ever goes smoothly it seems!! The flight we got out on was actually the 2:30 flight and we left at 7:30 or so.

Jon is a platinum member of the Priority Club (Holiday Inn) and gets free upgrades now. The lady at the desk asked if it would be OK to upgrade us to a suite. It’s pretty cool – double doors to get in and a sitting area with a glass coffee table, red couch and 2 other chairs. I’m pretty sure it is the biggest hotel room I have stayed in.

Well – post some comments!

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