The Big News….

…. is that Jon and I are going to Shanghai, China in a week.

We leave about 6 PM on Thursday. We’ll arrive in Shanghai at 3 PM the next day, and it is 14 hours ahead of Central Time. Trying to figure out actual travel time has thoroughly confused me. says that the flight from Chicago to Shanghai is 14 hours and 35 minutes. Definitely the longest flight I’ve been on.

Daktronics has an office there, and Jon’s old boss Dan Chase is the manager. He has been living there for a year with his family. He’s been recruiting Jon to come over and manage/build the Chinese sales team. I’d be able to work for Daktronics too. (or maybe I’d be a women of leisure and spend all of my time wandering the city taking photos. Probably not though.) We’re going to go to decide if we want to do it for sure. We’d be there for 2 years.

If it’s a go, we’ll sell our house, put things in storage and go! How exciting.

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