This is Evan. He just turned 1 last week and his dad Matt works with me. Matt and his wife Amber brought Evan over for his photos on Sunday. They had a whole bag of tricks trying to get him to smile -singing, dancing, toys, etc. One thing that worked was Cheerios. That made me laugh because we have a photo of my husband Jon with a bag of marshmellows. The only way the photographer could get Jon NOT to cry was to let him have the marshmellows! How funny. This is my favorite from the session, I think. My backdrop was super-wrinkled and I hate it. I used the blur filter heavily on the background to get rid of the sharpest lines.

Here is his photo session. Posted by Picasa

2 Responses to Evan

  1. What a lil-cuteroo!! :)

  2. Darling child. Love that red hair.

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