My blog isn’t working!

EDIT: Ok, maybe it is now. I have had 3 reports of people not being able to get into my blog today or yesterday. Keep trying, I guess.

I took a photo of some yummy cookie dough today that I will post tomorrow. Yummy. Maybe tomorrow it will be some cookies. Or maybe some cooking utensils.

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  1. Inge Zoetelief

    Hej Emily! Well, I just looked at your blog and I liked it a lot! Will you take a picture of me too in your studio? :)
    I’ll keep coming back! If you want to see some pictures of me (which I made for school) check: It’s not the greatest site ever, but hey, it will do :)

    Byebye for now, Inge, Holland

  2. Hmm, I’m here, dont see anypic, but otherwise it seems to be working. That would be a great idea, start with a shot of the ingredients, then the utensils, then the dough, and finally cookies, would make a cool collage at the end too!!!!

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