Prescription Pain

Warning: Rant ahead!!

So, today I got a prescription refilled. Gotta love this. About 2 years ago, my doctor gave me a prescription that she had tons of samples for because I didn’t have insurance. For months she gave me samples. When I did have insurance through work, they wouldn’t cover it for 11 months cause it was a pre-exisiting condition. So now, a year after that, I am excited cause it should be covered. Ha ha ha. Wrong. They want me to take a generic verison (which is not yet available.) So they say I should switch prescriptions instead. What a pain. So we just sucked it up and paid the $90.

Seriously, does this photo say $90 to you? Posted by Picasa

6 Responses to Prescription Pain

  1. Man do I feel your pain. I hate insurance companies and their BS. Wether the photo looks like $90 or not, the releif the pills offer sure will be.

  2. That sucks… Insurance and drug companies are such a pain!

  3. Nope, it says insurance racket to me, LOL, they suck, any chance to get out of paying for what you pay them for they will, grrrrrr

  4. The only way it would say $90 to me is if you made some extra money off of it as a stock shot! Your rant was clearly justified.

  5. Yeah, that’s a $90 photo.

    I hate insurance :(

  6. How on earth can they expect you to take a generic version if it isn’t available? I might fight that one a little more.

    Good luck!

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