After the game…

This was right after finishing playing “the game.” It doesn’t have a name, but this is how it goes.

The teams are always Bailey vs. everyone else. Usually it is Jon and Curns playing. They stand in the kitchen, back by the fridge. Bailey stands in front of the 6 steps leading down to the family room (the goal). The boys kick a tennis ball around and try to get it past Bailey.

If the ball hits the family room floor, they get the point. If Bailey blocks the ball, she gets the point. She can catch it in the air, after one bounce, on the steps or steal it from them. Whoever hits seven points first, wins. The boys pass to each other, try to fake her out and use various methods of launching or rolling the ball with their feet.

They kick, Bailey grabs the ball and prances in a circle twice before releasing the ball for the next play. Play can be temporarily suspended when the ball gets soaking wet from dog drool.

Bailey usually wins. Posted by Picasa

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