I was thinking about entering this for the “Shadow” speed challenge at DCP, but I think it would get creamed. It just isn’t sharp enough. I didn’t think that taking a picture of your shadow could be so hard. My camera wouldn’t focus, and I couldn’t be composing the photo and in it at the same time! The desk lamps also didn’t cut it. We took down our super-bright aquarium light to use, but that washed out all of the shadows. *sigh*

It may be a crappy photo, but at least I took it today. :-)

Can’t wait to go camping tomorrow. Beautiful scenery, fires, etc. Should make for some decent photos. However, it means that I will not get to process or post until Monday. So…. don’t expect anything for a couple days. Posted by Picasa

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  1. The one good thing about having bad outtakes is that you still have something to post for your PAD! Actually, I like the concept, but agree that the lack of sharpness doesn’t help here.

  2. Thats what manual focus is for, lol, what you do is use the tripod, and maybe the remote shutter, have a stand in stand where you want, compose the shot, then swap out with the stand in, release the shutter and wallah, a pic! However, I think you should have entered this, its not bad at all, i like the soft feel to it.

  3. It’s not that bad!!

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