Tall Beer with Olives

Jon and Curns are watching the Presidental address on Matt’s new 52 inch TV. I’ll be joining them soon – Jon forgot to bring a few beers. :-)

I thought that I needed to photograph the beer before I came. Jon built a bar in our basement, complete with shiny bar top, foosball table, dartboard, and mirrors behind the bar. I need to create some art for the bar, so perhaps my next mini-series will be drinks. We’ll see.

Does anyone else put olives in their beer? I’ve heard it was a mid-west thing or maybe even a South Dakota thing. I am more of a wine drinker, but I like beer with olives. Posted by Picasa

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  1. No olives with my beer… sorry. Lime with Corona or lemon and salt with Tecate is about it for me. I like this image… it’s real simple and clean with good colors. Great job.

  2. Never heard of olives with beer but then I love a nice glass of wine. :) Very nice shot..

  3. Nice shot. Makes me want to go get a beer.

  4. Never heard of olives in beer. But then, I don’t eat the one , nor drink the other.

    Simplicity makes this picture, and the olive actually give it a bit of pop. Without them it could be boring.

  5. Olives? in Beer?!! yikes.

    I hate olives. Love beer.

    Nice shot.

  6. Neat picture, I’ve never heard of olives in beer.

  7. Neat picture. Olives in beer? New one on me.

  8. Always put GREEN olives in your beer. It is for good luck. The salty olive cuts the carbination and gets crispy sitting in the cold.
    Don’t nock it till you try it!

  9. Green olives in beer is probably my favorite thing other than pickles in my beer. I highly suggest trying it. Black olives in champagne is also a must!

    (I’m from South Dakota.)

  10. I live in South Dakota. Everyone here has olives in their beer – and let me tell you, it’s delicious.

  11. I do it all of the time, why do they float up and down?

  12. Green olives in Beer is awesome. Only make sure it is not a dark beer.

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