Rain in January

Today it rained. Hard.

In January, in South Dakota, this is against everything we’ve ever known. It should have been blizzarding and the snow should have shut everything down for a couple days. Instead, the gray sky pushed fat rain drops to the earth.

On Thanksgiving, it was so nice we almost left our winter coats at home. Fortunately we didn’t, because halfway through the six hour drive across the state we were stuck in a blizzard that shut down the interstate for two days and snapped hundreds of power lines. It left some people without power until after Christmas. Crazy.

And today, it rained as if it were April. Posted by Picasa

4 Responses to Rain in January

  1. tell me about it. Rain in January is just wrong. It happened just last week tho, about a thousand or two kilometers north of you. Its been the craziest winter ever.

  2. Its a wild winter everywhere, be glad the rain that came in buckets wasnt snow in feet! I love the tone of the wood in the photo and the shallow DOF.

  3. Great color on the wood and you did an excellent job bringing out the drops against the wood.

  4. I love the way you write Em. Can’t wait for this weekend. Lord knows I need a break!

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