Bridge at Palisades State Park

Yesterday at lunch my husband told me he’d rented a camping cabin at Palisades State Park for the weekend. What a nice surprise! There was just an article in the paper about winter camping and how nice and peaceful it was.

Today we went to the park to check it out. This bridge was an easy walk from the cabin and the sun was setting so the light was shining perfectly on the rocks. I’m so excited – I’ll probably fill my whole memory card that weekend! Our friends Crystal (check out her blog here) and Karl are going to come too. I’m looking forward to hanging out by a fire, hiking and taking lots of photos. The only not-that-great part is that the restrooms are closed for the winter so we’ll have to use the vault toilets. They are made of metal – BRRRR!!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. It’s hard to get a good sense of scale here, but it looks beautiful. Nice image.

  2. Karl and I are so excited for the Palisades weekend! I just told him about the surprise! This photo a day challenge is great, I really like the perspective you use when taking your photos. My faves are the pills and the twin buttes, the globe and the mouseys in a row.

    Nice work!

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