Bailey – BANG!

Bailey is doing her “play dead” trick. She loves showing off. She doesn’t look very dead though. I had to get rid of part of a bookshelf in the top left corner and I am not sure I am too happy with the results. Any suggestions? Posted by Picasa

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  1. She looks pretty dead to me… are you sure it’s just a trick?? What have you done? Fun shot, great dog!

  2. Ok, to get your pics togo bigger, im not sure, but i upload mine at 800px x ?? and they seem to enlarge when clicked, some i uploaded at full size dont, so i think thats the key. Bailey looks awesome nice DOF on her face! As for the clone job, I think I’d get rid of the shadow on the wall and just make a nice smooth wall meets carpet non shadowed intersection, but if you had not mentioned it, im not sure i would have noticed it.

  3. Awwww.. shes sweet. Her eyes are too sparkly to look dead but she looks like shes having a good time.

  4. To cute! Dogs are so fun and give love without expecting anything in return.

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