Bailey is a springer spaniel. She LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball and absolutely will never stop retrieving the ball, no matter how exhausted she gets. She knows several tricks. The newest one goes like this: She sits and lies down, then you pull your hand out of your pocket and use it to mimic a gun. You look at her and shoot her, saying BANG! Then she’ll roll over on her back with her paws in the air. Pretty cute. Her owner is a friend of ours, Aaron. They moved in a few months ago four houses down the street.

I’m going to be taking more photos of her, I’m sure. Typcial bachelor, Aaron doesn’t have any photos or art on the walls. I want to do a series of Bailey to hang across a wall (about five 8x10s, I think), and tonight I may have taken enough photos of her to accomplish that. This photo doesn’t look too great in the small size, but her eyes are in perfect focus and they look at you with the look only puppies have. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Aww how cute. :)Good luck with doing a series. I am sure her owener will totally love it.

  2. I agree, the concept of giving your freind a series of photos rocks!, The focus on this one looks a little soft those, but I must say, spaniels do allways have one of the nicest looking “smiles’ usually, lol. Look foward to seeing more from the series!

  3. Wow, nice dog, she looks beautiful in black and white. The eyes look just a bit soft, it would be nice if they were tack sharp even if the rest was soft. You have a great model!

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