Eating Mousey

Boots likes to chew Mousey up too. Posted by Picasa

6 Responses to Eating Mousey

  1. That’s still the TOY mouse, right??

  2. We used to have a bunch of those too, but then the dogs developed an unheathy interest in ingesting them, so we had to take all the Mouseys away. :( Poor kitties.

  3. Oh no, keep him away from my PAD on the 13th! Nicely done. The many sides of boots! I like it.

  4. LMAO, hey what happened to the color on mousie, i think some selective desat here, leaving just mousie in color would ROCK!!!!! Otherwise great shot, perhaps the best of the series, keep em coming, there should be a few more mousies…

  5. I love cats. I developed an allergy to them so I’m out of luck.

  6. Cute shot.. I like the mini theme here with the trials of Mousey.

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