Barn at Sunset

This was a grab-the-camera-and-go shot – the pink sunset was reflecting in the clouds and was just beautiful, but it was almost over by the time I got out of town. Sunsets go so fast! I didn’t even have time to grab the tripod so it is a bit blurry too. *sigh* Posted by Picasa

5 Responses to Barn at Sunset

  1. That’s beautiful, a clasic sunset shot. I Love the colours in the sky here.

  2. Laurie L. Black

    Beautiful silhouette and colors! :)

  3. Beautiful colors and image. Too bad about not having a tripod… would love to see this shot without the camera shake.

  4. Nice tones to the sky

  5. Nice shot, timing is everything isnt it, now keep that tripod with ya, and practice deploying it, so you can do it in a hurry, with both hands so frozen you can barely feel them through gloves!!!!

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