Sleeping Pills

This is my way to kill the Crazy Frog. Sleeping pills may not be an original way to die, but I really liked the look of the gel pills.

I have to PS like crazy to get my backgrounds even remotely close to white. If anyone has any tips on lighting, please pass them on to him. It is sad, I know, but right now I am using two desk lamps and a white piece of tag board for backgrounds. Help! Posted by Picasa

4 Responses to Sleeping Pills

  1. I like how the pills are so clearly in the foreground that I had to search the picture for the bottle. It’s a very pretty shot, good choice for pills, adds a vibrant shot of colour to the piece

  2. What a great use of color and DOF to portray feeling. I know they would take care of that Crazy Frog.

  3. Wow, Awesome color on the gel pills, hmm, did you play with selective color in PS? If not Image, Adjust, Selective color, then I’d play witht the whites and the neutrals, removing all the black from them, see if that helps.

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