What really makes the world go ’round?

My husband and I love to travel. Instead of taking a trip last year, we bought a house. So, this year, I am determined to go somewhere! I have been in 26 countries but only 14 states. Funny, isn’t it?

My parents got us this globe for Christmas. This photo is actually composed of two images. I overlaid the image of the globe still with one of it spinning, then played with the opacity of the layers. I wanted to be able to see the motion of it, yet make out the shape of the continents. This is my favorite photo I have posted on my PaD so far.

*sigh* My passport has not had a stamp in it for over a year. It makes me resless. If anyone is interested, our travel website is It hasn’t been updated in aboout a year and a half though.Posted by Picasa

8 Responses to What really makes the world go ’round?

  1. Wonderful image. This one would make for good stock too. Great idea to layer the images… I would never have thought of that!

  2. Elizabeth Abbott

    Cool shot! The motion blur makes the globe look almost like another planet….really cool!

  3. Nice idea, well executed. The shadows are a bit harsh though.

  4. Excellent Idea, great use of merging too pics, I love it!

  5. I love this! What a creative way to shoot a globe. (At least for me, I haven’t seen it before).

    Dang.. I need to get more creative with my PaDs.. lol

  6. very cool – I like the way you overlayed one photo over the other to keep the continents visible. I’m not that talented with PS yet.

  7. Excellent photo, really well done motion blur! :)

  8. Very good idea with the layers; it works incredibly well.

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